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Industry 4.0: The importance of securing a connected future

Finance Sector
  • user 19 08 2023

Charting the new sky economy

The New Sky Economy offers innovations for mobility, connectivity and experience in established markets such as commercial air travel. And it will shape entirely new markets, like advanced air mobility and commercial space. Any company — established or new — that wants to compete will need to reimagine their own boundaries and develop digitized, nimble approaches for both innovation and certifiable production.

As society changes the way it uses the sky, a whole New Sky Economy is opening up. It promises to offer an ever-wider range of new and improved experiences to everyone, everywhere. That could be meeting the needs of commercial passengers seeking more sustainable travel. It might be providing satellite-based internet access to remote communities, or countless other new experiences and services. But one thing is certain. The New Sky Economy is poised to completely transform what we do with the space above. But this radical future also presents different challenges to established incumbents and new entrants:

  • Incumbents need to see past their existing operating models, processes and products. They should take a new view on digital platforms, data and artificial intelligence to operate more like a born-digital business. And they need to implement new tools, methods and processes to accelerate innovation without major disruption to proven operations.

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